Financial counseling with heart.

I provide financial counseling to individuals, couples, and families in a brave space for reflection and straight-up action planning. Dealing with money can be full of emotion, self-doubt, and baggage, which can all hold us back from reaching our full financial potential. So, let me help you live your best financial life!

“I like how you approach us in a gentle manner since money’s a sensitive topic for me and my husband. I appreciate the different route we can take but at the same time, you are supportive of whatever choice we decide to make”

– Kristine, Current Client

Areas of Focus


Budgeting is the bedrock of sound financial literacy. When you can master this skill, it will open so many doors for other aspects in your financial life. We will work together to develop a budget that considers your needs and your wants because let’s face it – what fun is a budget if nothing fun is in it?

Credit and Debt

Credit – you either hate it or love it. And debt – sometimes, you can’t live without it. We will explore how you can use both to help build your wealth rather than keep you from it. Just keep in mind that if one of your goals is to improve your credit or pay down debt, slow and steady wins the race.


Investing isn’t one-size-fits all, plus there are so many options out there. We’ll explore together what those are and how you can find a portfolio that works for you and your risk tolerance, whether it’s low or high.

Joanne’s Money Thought$

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About Joanne

Joanne is an Accredited Financial Counselor® and Financial Social Work® Candidate. She will change the world one budget at a time.

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