The Financial Healing Approach

I am the daughter of immigrant Pilipino parents and a proud UCLA Bruin. We didn’t have a lot of financial resources growing up, but my scrappy parents somehow figured it out with four daughters. I know there could be more resources for families like mine who started with very little, so my passion in life is helping others find those resources and build that intergenerational wealth.

I am an Accredited Financial Counseling® and Financial Social Work® Candidate with the aspiration to change the world one budget at a time.

I am not an expert.

That may sound counter-intuitive for someone who provides financial counseling. But I learned best about money management from my own mistakes, not from studying theory or simulations. We all make mistakes, so I won’t pretend that I’ve made none. I also won’t pretend that I know everything there is to know about money. It is mysterious, elusive, and ever changing.

So instead, I approach financial counseling with my clients with humility and curiosity. I provide my clients with a brave space for reflection and introspection, which I see as important as financial expertise. After all, financial decisions are not just about money; they’re also about our emotions, our bad and good habits, our upbringings, our relationships, our hangups… It is tied to our mental health and to our satisfaction.

In other words, money is not black and white. There are no absolute answers, since each answer is tailored to each individual, couple, or family. We will find those answers together as we work to understand your unique financial situation.

If you seek help with your money matters and this approach to financial counseling piques your interest, schedule a consultation with me today. I work with individuals, couples, and families looking to build better relationships with their money. During our consultation, we’ll see how we can work together to reach your financial goals and your full financial potential.

Areas of Focus


Budgeting is the bedrock of sound financial literacy. When you can master this skill, it will open so many doors for other aspects in your financial life. We will work together to develop a budget that considers your needs and your wants because let’s face it – what fun is a budget if nothing fun is in it?

Credit and Debt

Credit – you either hate it or love it. And debt – sometimes, we can’t live without it. We will explore how you can use either or both to help build your wealth rather than keep you from it. Just keep in mind, slow and steady wins the race.


Investing isn’t one-size-fits all, plus there are so many options out there. We’ll explore together what those are and how you can find a portfolio that works for you, your risk tolerance, and your dollar commitment, whether they’re low or high.

Ready to go on your Financial Healing journey?

“Just talking money with you makes me feel braver to face my money fears.”

— Bryan, Current Client.

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